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Related article: Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 08:53:10 +0100 (BST) From: Jon Himus Subject: After School CouchAFTER SCHOOL COUCH By JonHWhen I write this stuff I work from pics I've found. If you wanna see the pics, pass on a comment etc. Please e-mail to: it's the pics you want please mention story title so I know what you're after) The two girls from Year 7 seemed pretty involved in their conversation - I don't think they even noticed me sitting at the other end of the bus stop. Looking at my watch I could see I had another few minutes before the school bus arrived. Casually standing up I made my way around the back of the bus stop, checking to see no one was around I stooped down in imitation of someone doing up their shoe. That's when I spat the rest of Archie Melton's cum out of my mouth. The cloudy saliva hung for a second on a blade of grass before oozing off onto the ground.How is it a 17 year old, year 11 student is spitting out cum at 7:20 in the morning. I guess I gotta explain myself. Archie Melton goes to school with my friend Marcus Crooke, they're both also in Year 11 at the Willton Secondary College in Smith Road, Marcus is in 11a and I think Archie's in 11c. Me and Marcus met a few months ago when we were both dead bored and dead horny and trying to get some life into an Instant Messenger chat room. I can't even remember what the room was called but to cut a long story we got to chatting and after a heap of half truths, half hints we met up secretly a couple of weeks ago and fuckin' devoured each others cocks on my parents favorite lounge suite while they were still at work.Neither one of us had even seen another guys erect cock let alone had one in our mouths but after some Lolita Bbs Pics premature ejaculations, teeth scrapes and gagging and coughing fits that sent cum and spit flying onto my mums display cabinet we managed to get good techniques down on each other.I don't know about Marcus but I've never kidded myself about being gay. I can see what's coming but I wanted to do things in my own time but a week ago Marcus fucked up and our sessions were exposed thanks to him not deleting my messages from his mobile phones inbox. I suppose I'm partly to blame, after all I did send the text message but as I said to him at the time if I send a message about our sessions he's supposed to delete em' and not keep em' in the inbox for days on end.So last Monday I sent him a message, he wasn't around their was three other guys who heard the phone beep in Marcus's school bag so they picked it up to see what it said. The message was 'cu 4 - my place' - no big deal in itself but the three guys scrolled through his inbox to try and suss out who it was from and Lolita Bbs Pics that's when they found 'i wanna suck ur cock - 14 Orchard Ave - b there - Will'. That's how come I got a visit from Archie Melton, Aaron Keener and John Lipe. They didn't tell Marcus what they'd found out and so far it seems they haven't told anyone else.Me and Marcus always meet at my place seeing as my Dads interstate with his new job and Mums left me to run the place while she travels with him checking out houses for us to move to in the summer. I dunno how normal it is but just having the house to myself gets me horny. For the last couple of weeks I've had a regular schedule of getting home from school real fast, getting my uniform off, having a shower and then spending the rest of the night walking around stark naked. Cooking dinner nude, eating nude, watching TV nude and just walking around feeling really kinda wild or something. And as you can figure, most times I'm walking with a boner swinging from side to side.So at 10 to 4 last Monday afternoon I'm laying back on the couch with hardon waiting for Marcus to show. I always leave the back door unlocked so he knows to just come in, sure enough right on time he showed. He's shorter than me but we both have the same slim build and blond hair, on this afternoon his face is dripping with sweat and looking red."Whattya parents say if they knew you had your sweaty arse body lying on their couch?""I'm showered" I said with a grin."Good idea".Marcus left the room to shower so I lay back and played lightly with my cock. I kinda wanted it to go down abit but it wouldn't. Hearing the shower run was enough.A couple of minutes later Marcus walks back in the room, barely toweled off and like me he's got an erection. We're both cut but mines real straight when hard but his has this kinda curved shaft. Made for sucking I told him once as the head can kinda hook into the back of my mouth.Throwing a cushion onto the floor he falls heavily onto the couch and holds his cock shaft between two fingers."You gotta do mine first I'm begging ya' I was stiff as all day"Getting on the floor between his legs I knelt down and lowered my face into his crotch. Extending my tongue I lapped underneath his balls and tasted the faintly soapy shower water. As always he let his head fall back and his eyes closed in pure pleasure. With one long stroke of my tongue I wet the firm pink shaft before trying out my new idea of flicking it lightly on his piss slit. It works - he'll try it on my next but for now I slowly open my mouth and clasp my lips around his cock head. I dunno if we're doing it right but the both of us seem to get Lolita Bbs Pics pre-cum oozing out real quick so when I taste the salty clear juice I begin to do a trick he taught me - puckering my lips over the slit I suck it into my mouth before dropping my head in one fast dive down into his pubic hair. His 7" shaft slides deep into my mouth."Fuck Marco who's ya' mate?!?!"Wrenching my face out of Marcus's crotch I see three guys in the Willton College uniform. Wiping spit from my lips I don't know what to say. Marcus's mouth is gaped open in shock, his face a shade of red I've never seen before his eyes now wide open and shocked as."He....I..." Marcus then falls silent and leans forward in the vain hope of hiding his nakedness. I get a quick glimpse of his shriveling cock. Putting my hand over my cock head I hope like hell it goes down fast.The three guys are just about as shocked as we are - no body knows how to react, you call a guy a faggot at school, you hassle him whatever but you see two guys actually blowing each other whattya do? I don't know what they expected to find but I doubt if they figured it'd be this raw. Our naked bodies in the middle of the lounge room. And Marcus who they only ever saw dressed in a school uniform was caught sitting down with a guys head in his lap.Finally one of the guys shook his head into some kind of reaction. "You like suckin' guys cock do ya' mate?" He asked it like he was curious and a little disgusted.I opened my mouth to answer but no words came out."Archie, I reckon you know the answer on that one" One of the other guys said with a smirk."Whattya doin' here?" Marcus mumbled.The three guys looked down at the ground."Is he any good at it?" Archie asked in a low voice with his head still lowered."Yeah". Marcus was sheepish, I could see he wasn't gonna come clean about how he loves to suck me off too.Without another word Archie dropped his pack off his back and came closer to me. Unzipping the fly of his trousers he then pulled out a huge, heavy looking cut cock. I was still on my knees so when he lightly held the back of my head to pulled it towards his cock I opened up and took it between my lips. My jaw ached as I took the quickly growing cock into my mouth. The head was small and easily to suck between tight pressed lips but the shaft was too big, the corners of my mouth stung as I tried hard to get my mouth over the shaft.My cock was starting to stiffen fast as I bobbed my head into Archies crotch, each jolt of my head sending the head hard onto my tongue. Archie roughly ran his hands through me hair and wasn't gonna let me off. He began to hump hard into my mouth, the taste of pre-cum hit my brain, he began to hump his hips into my face, I had half the shaft in my mouth as the humping grew faster. He's gonna blow I realized."Swallow it mate" I heard Archies voice crack in pleasure.Before I had time to think I felt it - hot thick cum shooting into my mouth, the smooth saltiness was kinda like my own, kinda like Marcus's but thicker somehow. Archies humping was pushing his spewing cock head onto the inside of my cheeks, coating them in cum. I began to slow fist at my own shaft.With a mouth still full of his cum he pulled his softening shaft from my mouth. I caught a quick glimpse of Marcus, the glint in his eye gave away what he felt. He was trying to hide his hand as it held his hard shaft.I was starting to swallow Archies load but before I had a chance for a single gulp. Another guy - this time a pimply guy called Carter shuffled across the lounge room floor his trousers dropped around his ankles and he held a long rock hard cock to my face. He was pumping hard at his shaft as it came closer to my lips, a drop of Lolita Bbs Pics sweat from his brow dropped onto my nose. Opening my mouth wide, my tongue extended, I gripped my own shaft as Carter's oozing piss slit went out of focus below my nose. Then with a strangled short cough from his lips Carter let go his load, my mouth had barely touched his erection but already he was shooting jizz into my mouth, some splattered on my lips, one white hot ribbon shot up my nose but most of the juice coated the already slimy insides of my mouth.I gulped some of the thick white sperm, it felt slow on my throat. The third guy - Aaron - held the best kinda cock, rock hard and not too big. Holding his trousers to his knee's he awkwardly came closer my mouth a mess of stringy cum from his mates opened and took in his shaft. Not swallowing anymore I sucked and kneaded Aaron's shaft with my mouth. He gripped painfully onto my ears and ground his sweaty stale smelling crotch into my face. Within seconds my nose brushed deep into his course pubic hair, sucking his cock in and out between my lips was getting his there real fast. He began to writhe his hips in a circular motion, I could feel his steel hard shaft pushing onto the roof of my mouth.Then the humping began, quick like Arches another load of jizz suddenly filled my mouth, I was gonna gag but held it, Arches cock fucked and swirled hard, slathered in my spit and his mates cum it soon slip wet from my lips, a long string of it spattered onto his fist as pulled away from my body.I held the still hot cum in my mouth. Unable to speak because it'd start to run out I was glad when the three guys quietly tucked their spent cocks back into their trousers and with shy nods and slight smiles left the room.As the back door slammed I looked at Marcus. Spreading his legs his shining rock hard prick gave away what he thought.He lay back on the couch and spread his arms. with cum oozing from the corners of my mouth I put my face inches above his, he opened his mouth and I did the same. Letting the cum of his mates and the saliva ooze and cascade onto his tongue his whole mouth was a wet horny looking hole. Straddling his body we both fell into a 69 position and imitating the humping of thighs that Archie had done we shot our loads into each others throats and swallowed it all.And that's how it came about. That was last Monday. This morning Archie pulled up in his car and when he opened the door I saw his erection sticking up from his lap. Pulling into an alley I took his shaft into my mouth and sucked the sperm from him. He never touches my cock, barely says a word but doesn't seen to mind when I jerk myself and blow cum onto the floor of his car and his black polished school shoes. THE END.When I write this stuff I work from pics I've found. If you wanna see the pics, pass on a comment etc. Please e-mail to: it's the pics you want please mention story title so I know what you're after)
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